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We've got a busy spring with lots of new rescue pups with health needs arriving from Austin and the surrounding areas. Help support them with our Spring is In the Air raffle. This spring's raffle will feature two winners. The first place winner will recieve a $100 gift certificate to any Tomlinson's, and a $50 gift certificate to Central Market. Our second place winner will recieve a $50 gift certificate to Lee and Paul's grooming in North Central Austin (Lee is truly a groomer extrodinaire!).

Raffle tickets are 2 for $10, 5 for $15, or 10 for $20.

Raffle ends on May 31, so get your tickets soon!

Raffle ends on May 31, so get your tickets soon!


On our Lil Paws facebook page, you see many of the photos of our dogs after they are adopted into happy, caring homes. But most stories don't start out this way. The sad reality is that many dogs come to us in terrible shape with very severe medical needs due to months or even years of neglect. Jasmine, shown here, arrived in February with a severe heartworm infestation and severely neglected grooming needs. She is in a happy home now but it was a long road to a good place for her and dogs like her. 

Just a few medical needs dogs that have come to us over the past year who are still up for adoption include:

  • Oscar, a cute little guy currently in foster arrived with a tooth abscess so severe it had eaten through his cheek.
  • Pistol, age 11,  was surrendered from another rescue with a heart condition that caused him to cough 24/7, as well as dire dental health. He lost all but a few teeth. 
  • Rowdy, age 8 was injured with a torn cruciate ligament and a luxating patella, and was in constant pain. He required surgery.  He also had an advanced dental infection. 
  • Toto, a sweet little young terrier that came to us last year had both parvo and distemper. He was given only a 50% chance to survive, but he turned a corner after spending much time in veterinary ICU.
Each of these dogs costs the organization hundreds, even thousands of dollars to care for. If you can help us at Christmas this year with wrapping, it helps us care for many more needy dogs like these. Thanks from the little ones.







Help! We need foster families!

At Lil Paws Maltese rescue, we rely entirely on loving foster homes like yours to help us provide loving care for dogs who come to us, often in states of neglect. Without trusted, reliable foster homes these dogs are often without option, and we can only take in as many dogs as we have homes for. Often, we have to turn dogs away due to lack of space, and we are hoping to change that with your help!


What fostering involves

Fostering involves taking a needy dog into your home and loving him until a home is found, as well as providing food, a warm and safe home, proper medical care, and interaction. Fostering typically averages from a few weeks to a few months. It is an immensely gratifying experience, as any foster owner will tell you. 


If you live in central texas and are interested in fostering with us, please fill out our foster application. It may take us 1-2 weeks to get back to you. Thank you so much! 



Oscar, a current foster, is excited about a trip to town lake!

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